Relationship Advice from an Idiot

Online Dating and Other Extreme Sports: A Guided Rant

How to create the perfect online dating profile: The Man Edition

Relationship Advice from an Idiot

When he is *actually* into you

When a man likes a woman, she knows it. If you constantly have to ask yourself “Does he/she like me?” the answer is very likely NO.

Relationship Advice from an Idiot

He’s just not that into you.

You could be the most perfect well put together woman on this planet and you will still find a man that doesn't think you're good enough and it's not your fault. 

Life and the art of elbow licking

How to Adult (Part 1)

I is an adult. I is not happy. Adulting is not fun. Adulting can go suck a frog foot. It’s the bills, the rent, the calling the doctor by yourself when you are sick. Doing your own laundry, doing your taxes, being responsible, feeding yourself and all the little things in between. Being an adult… Continue reading How to Adult (Part 1)

Relationship Advice from an Idiot


"I am happy on my own." The moment you utter these words, the world seemingly goes up in flames as people reprimand you, lecture you and give you a serious talking to as to why such a statement is taboo. (I mean seriously if I have to hear one more old person tell me "You're… Continue reading Seen